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Process Chart

We believe design is a collaborative process - every project is a team project.

We start by asking a lot of questions to learn about the project's audience, context, limitations, and goals. We talk with end users, content experts, technology professionals, and stakeholders. We explore solutions.

We bring in our creative team of researchers, designers and developers to build prototypes.

We enter our iterative process to evaluate, clarify and refine our solutions. We ask more questions. We refine our refinements.

We deliver media we're proud of - media that engages end users - media that makes your work easier and looks great.

We test the efficacy of curriculum, instructional design, and delivery. Your program's impact matters!

Here are some examples of recent work

Mis Hijos Y Yo Case Study

Case Study #1: Mis Hijos y yo

Objective: Deliver custom parent training and gather rich user data in a low internet-access environment.

Solution: Trifoia sent study participants a tablet for in-home use with the parenting education course media pre-loaded. The tablet stores usage data locally and uses a cellular SIM card to push information to the learning record store for analysis as connectivity becomes available.learn more

Healthy U Case Study

Case Study #2: HealthyU

Objective: Develop digital health training materials for adolescents from analog, in-person training materials and distribute content to study participants via a custom research tool.

Solution: Trifoia built a digital course, "Healthy U: Tools to Navigate Your Health," with video examples and motion graphics, that provides adolescents with high-incidence disabilities training in the fundamentals of health literacy. learn more

Practiced Mind Case Study

Case Study #3: Practiced Mind

Objective: Deliver new, custom meditations for parents in a mobile-friendly format as part of a research study intervention.

Solution: Trifoia built "Practiced Mind," an easy-to-use native mobile app that delivers mindfulness and meditation training and automated reminders to engage parents and help them stay on track throughout the course. learn more


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