Current Projects

From The ADVOCATR to the Oregon Zoo, Trifoia’s newest projects highlight our expertise in behavioral research, professional development, and digital learning.

Parenting Pride

ACTPlan - Advance Care Treatment Planning for Loved Ones with Dementia

Making end of life treatment decisions for loved ones with dementia can be difficult for anyone. African Americans are an underserved population facing a significantly greater risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias than white Americans. In collaboration with Collinge and Associates, Inc., Trifoia is translating an evidence-based, culturally-tailored, in-person curriculum for African American dementia caregivers into a multimedia program that will be evaluated in a randomized controlled trial. Over the course of the three-year grant, funded by the National Institute on Aging, Trifoia will produce scenario-based videos, develop the online course, and provide hosting and support during the research study.

Mindful you

Gambling 101

Gambling 101 is a gambling addiction awareness video Trifoia is creating for Lane County Public Health, a division of the Department of Health & Human Services. This animated video is designed to educate Lane County residents about the neuroscience of gambling, the potential financial, social, and legal impacts of problem gambling, and to provide resources and access to treatment options. This video is being developed in both English and Spanish to serve the diverse residents of Lane County, OR. The video will link to the Oregon Problem Gambling Resource website so residents can access further help.

Mindful you

Mindful You: An mHealth App to Help African Americans Reduce Their Stress

In collaboration with colleagues at Spelman and Morehouse Colleges, Trifoia is completing development and evaluating Mindful You, an app tailored to the cultural values of the African American community. Current mindfulness apps have been unsuccessful in engaging this population. Mindful You includes educational content, guided practices, and features like goal setting to help African Americans improve their health through mindfulness.



Trifoia is developing and producing a series of three brief videos to help educators, families, and community members better understand Positive Behavior Support. The videos will highlight Positive Behavior Support in the settings of home, school, and community.



The Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE) has engaged Trifoia to produce “A Tale of Two Conversations,” a two-part video series for teaching effective communication skills. Using a “wrong way/right way” approach, the videos show actors playing a parent of a child with disabilities and a school administrator. The videos will reach a national audience and provide a useful learning tool for parents, educators, administrators, and advocates.



Sensitive direction and beautiful photography lend legitimacy to the videos Trifoia has produced for The ADVOCATR. This comprehensive, student-centered, technology-based framework for high school students is designed to involve students in the safety of their schools. Students and staff learn how to engage in restorative circles to deal with conflicts when it’s appropriate and useful.


Mindfulness for Middle School Students

Trifoia is developing a school-based mindfulness curriculum with associated professional development materials aimed at middle school children. This trauma-informed program targets children’s executive functions and emotion regulation in an effort to enhance their psychological and academic functioning during a critical stage in their development. The curriculum aligns to national standards for health, science, and social and emotional learning.

Parenting Pride

Parenting Pride: Empowering Diverse Families for Success

Trifoia is developing a new parenting program for parents in a same-gender relationship. Most online parenting courses are geared toward parents in different-gender relationships. Naturalistic video vignettes highlight this eLearning program and help Parenting Pride better reflect and meet the reality of today’s diverse parents.


Project ReACT: Neutralizing the Effects of Implicit Bias on Racial Disproportionality in School Discipline

This NIH-funded project seeks to reduce racial and ethnic disproportionality in school discipline and special education referrals. Trifoia scripted, filmed, and edited a series of realistic videos showing student behaviors and appropriate teacher responses.

The Stellar Project

The STELLAR Project - Strategies for Technology Enhanced Learning and Literacy through Art

In conjunction with the University of Oregon, Trifoia is providing an array of media production services to train and motivate teachers in the use of Visual Thinking Strategies. These evidence-based teaching strategies support critical thinking, visual literacy, communication, collaboration, and writing skills.

Non-lead hunting Education

Non-Lead Hunting Education

The Oregon Zoo is a strong advocate for the use of non-lead ammunition by hunters. The Zoo has engaged Trifoia to create two online training courses to educate both new and existing licensed hunters. Trifoia is providing instructional design, media production, and software development services. To motivate hunters to take the optional courses, Trifoia is building an automated system to enable raffle entries and coupon distribution.

Parenting Pride

Building Healthy Families

An obesity treatment program for children based on participation from the whole family! The CDC has funded the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska at Kearney to provide resources for trainers to help families identify healthier food options, modify family habits, and get active together.

Trifoia is creating a user-friendly online course with training and program materials for people in healthcare, community, or public health organizations, especially those in rural areas. Building Healthy Families has demonstrated proven success for both children and adults.

We have skills

We Have Skills

Teachers have fun teaching and students have fun learning good behavior skills with We Have Skills, a K-3 curriculum that focuses on the seven social skills teachers say they want their students to know and practice in the classroom.

Simple songs and animated animal friends enliven short video lessons. Video examples show students in multiple classrooms practicing, improving, and enjoying learning social skills.

Literacy Study Group

Literacy Study Group

The Literacy Study Group is a 10-week web-based professional development course. K-5 teachers and school interventionists will learn to deliver high quality reading instruction to students with or at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders.
The Pyramid Model Consortium

PMC Trauma Informed Care

The Pyramid Model Consortium promotes healthy social-emotional development of children through evidence-based approaches. Trifoia is collaborating with PMC to research and develop objective-based content and materials for a 10-hour ePyramid series related to toxic stress, trauma, and resilience.



MakeSPACE is a professional development program for integrating the arts across classroom learning in rural schools, with a goal of improving motivation, engagement, learning skills, and academic achievement among rural students. Trifoia is providing instructional design, content development, and media production for this multi-institutional cooperative project.