All learning should be accessible, engaging and enduring

When you work with Trifoia, our team becomes your team.

Trifoia is a team of content developers, instructional designers, technology experts, media producers, and researchers who create and evaluate custom training and digital learning solutions that are accessible, engaging, and enduring. 

Adam Wendt

Adam Wendt


Adam Wendt has worked on over 70 educational technology and media projects funded through the National Institutes of Health, the United States Department of Education and collaborative agreements with colleges, universities, and research institutes around the country. Adam volunteers his time to support local and national innovation ecosystems, and he works for social and racial justice as a volunteer, and past secretary, of the Eugene-Springfield NAACP.

Sarah Macrorie

Sarah Macrorie, MBA, SHRM-CP, CPM, CAPM

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah Macrorie manages the day to day operations at Trifoia, oversees the production department, and acts as project manager. She was a professional ballerina in her former life, still tries to get to class as often as possible, and is an avid supporter of the arts.

Tony Jimenez

Tony Jimenez

Director of Production

Tony Jimenez oversees the creation of digital learning solutions as lead instructional designer and supervises the web apps, ID, QA, and customer support teams. Tony enjoys playing guitar, traveling, and tinkering with new technology.

Juan Alvarez

Juan Alvarez

Brand Manager

As Trifoia’s brand manager and graphic designer, Juan Alvarez provides brand direction and design support for internal and external clients. He enjoys landscape photography, foraging for mushrooms, and growing hot peppers which he turns into delicious hot sauces.

Georgia Harter

Georgia Harter

Media Project Manager/Producer

Georgia works with our clients to develop the scope, schedule, and budget for our eLearning and media projects, in addition to coordinating and directing our animation and live-action productions. Outside the office, Georgia enjoys directing short films and music videos.

Josh Evans

Joshua Evans

Lead Software Developer

Joshua Evans is responsible for engineering and maintaining the systems that helps Trifoia compete in the digital age. They are still figuring out what this “being human” thing is all about, but then again, aren’t we all?

Don Houghton

Don Houghton, MBA

Director of Business Development

Don Houghton manages Trifoia’s strategy to create opportunities for growth.  He has over twenty years of experience in research services and technology.  Don earned his MBA from the University of Oregon, Lundquist College of Business, Executive MBA program (OEMBA).  Outside of work he enjoys art, reading, golfing, running, cycling, skiing….and pretty much any outdoor activity.

Elon Glucklich

Elon Glucklich, MBA

Marketing Manager

Elon Glucklich oversees marketing operations at Trifoia, working with community and media partners to spread awareness of the company’s award-winning products. After spending 10 years as a newspaper reporter, his day still doesn’t start until he’s checked The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Adam Schaeffer

Adam Schaeffer

Instructional Designer/Project Manager

Adam is a recent graduate of Western Oregon University’s Master of Education in Educational Technology program where he also earned a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design. When not working Adam enjoys spending time with his family and participating in as many of Oregon’s outdoor activities as possible. He also wants the world to know that he still thinks inline skates are cool and uses them often.

Juan Alvarez

Ryan Harper, PhD

Instructional Designer and Content Creator

Ryan Harper is an Instructional Designer and Content Developer with an extensive background in online teaching. He enjoys cooking, traveling, and chasing his three young children.

Dan Keith

Dan Keith, PhD

Backend Engineer

Dan Keith is a computer scientist with many years of practical software engineering experience in both commercial and scientific domains. He works with the engineering team on the data integration mechanisms and service architectures that support Trifoia’s solutions. Dan enjoys designing programming languages and building software toys.

Josh Evans

Alex McGlothlin

Front End Developer

Alex McGlothlin is a front end developer at Trifoia. Alex has been developing websites and software for 15 years and is responsible for creating responsive websites, quality user experiences, and “shiny code things”. He enjoys gardening, swing dancing, cooking, and hiking.

Jordan Pennefather

Jordan Pennefather, PhD


Jordan Pennefather is a research scientist and methodologist who oversees the design, implementation, and analysis of Trifoia’s research studies.  Jordan enjoys exploring new cuisines but is always willing to fall back on his favorite dish, pho.

photo of Charlie Branson

Terrie Monroe

Design Researcher

Terrie Monroe is a qualitative researcher who turned her lifelong curiosity about people into a powerful tool for designing better products and services. When she’s not conducting focus groups or interviewing users, Terrie loves to hike local trails, photograph people, watch movies with her family, and volunteer in community organizations.

Calli Dean

Calli Dean

R&D Research Associate

Calli Dean works as research assistant at Trifoia. She has been in education for 16 years as a special education teacher and a school administrator. In her free time, she enjoys Crossfit and spending time with her family.

Kimberlee Noel

Kimberlee Noel

R&D Project Coordinator

As a research & design coordinator Kimberlee oversees project activities associated with grant-funded research projects. In her free time Kimberlee enjoys collaborating on civic projects that bring people together for the greater good. When not actively working on community projects you can often find her hanging out with her family playing board games or perfecting her cooking skills.

Ivy Gibson

Jordan Blaisdell

Multimedia Asset Developer

As Trifoia’s Multimedia Asset Developer, Jordan Blaisdell shoots, edits, and creates innovative solutions for our clients creative challenges. Jordan has a BA in Electronic Media and has been working in the arts since 2012. Jordan has a passion for music and can be found playing drums or helping other bands get gigs.

Shannon Dolan

Shannon Dolan, QKC, QPA, QKA

Accounting Manager

Shannon oversees the Accounting Department at Trifoia. As a former university Accounting Instructor with a graduate certificate in Instructional Design she is very interested in the art of crafting exceptional eLearning experiences. She also loves reading, road cycling, and exploring McMenamins locations with her husband.

Tina Johnson

Tina Johnson

IT and Facilities Manager

Tina Johnson is Trifoia’s IT and facilities manager who also leads the DevOps group. When she’s not at work poking, prodding, fixing, and upgrading, Tina enjoys the quietness of the forest and the chaos of family.

Dan Keith

Elise Crum

Product Manager

Elise Crum is the product manager at Trifoia. Elise is an avid tennis player and enjoys the Oregon outdoors with friends and family.

Danaan O'Donnell-Davidson

Danaan O'Donnell-Davidson, MPA, MS

HR Generalist

Danaan has the lucky job of helping recruit and retain the wonderful people that make Trifoia what it is. He consumes gratuitous amounts of sci-fi/fantasy and enjoys talking policy (especially related to funding education, which he studied in grad school).

Ivy Gibson

Ivy Gibson

Quality Assurance Technician and Asset Developer

Ivy Gibson is an asset developer and quality assurance technician at Trifoia. Ivy is a recent NAU graduate earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She spends her free time going on adventures with her children and traveling when possible.

Tina Johnson

MaKayla Stumph

Asset Developer

MaKayla Stumph is a recent graduate of Lane Community College’s Multimedia Design Program. She started as an intern, before she was invited to join Trifoia as a full-time asset developer. In her free time she enjoys creative writing with friends, creating art, and other nerdy activities such as video games and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Martin Wolf

Martin Wolf

Customer Support Manager

As Trifoia’s Customer Support Manager, Martin helps keep our learners happy. Martin has years of experience in the Eugene tech industry doing everything from Product Support to Project Management. When relaxing, he likes reading at the park, solving puzzles, and building LEGO Technic sets.

Ambra Perry

Ambra Perry

Office Generalist

Ambra Perry assists with general administrative functions and is a member of the customer support team. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her husband discussing scientific discoveries, camping, gardening, and enjoying nature. Ambra also loves to spend time with her children and animals of all kinds, especially horses.

Ambra Perry

Lando Calrissian

Trusty Sidekick

Enjoys snacks and walks with papa.