All learning should be accessible, engaging and enduring

When you work with Trifoia, our team becomes your team.

Trifoia is a team of content developers, instructional designers, technology experts, media producers, and researchers who create and evaluate custom training and digital learning solutions that are accessible, engaging, and enduring. 

Adam Wendt


Adam Wendt has worked on over 70 educational technology and media projects funded through the National Institutes of Health, the United States Department of Education and collaborative agreements with colleges, universities and research institutes around the country. Adam volunteers his time to support local and national innovation ecosystems, and he works for social and racial justice as a volunteer, and past secretary, of the Eugene-Springfield NAACP.

Teressa Trusty, PhD

Director of Research & Design

Teressa Trusty, PhD, is an experienced design researcher and product manager who manages all research activities at Trifoia and leads design activities for web and mobile solutions. She enjoys hiking and skiing.

Sarah Macrorie

Director of Operations and Production

Sarah Macrorie manages the day to day operations at Trifoia, oversees the production department, and acts as project manager. She was a professional ballerina in her former life, still tries to get to class as often as possible, and is an avid supporter of the arts.

Stephen Gee

Solutions Architect and Marketing Manager

Stephen Gee is responsible for Trifoia’s customer acquisition and marketing outreach. When he’s not spreading the good word about Trifoia, Stephen enjoys writing sci-fi/fantasy novels, sampling new craft beers, playing board games with friends, and being ridiculously tall.

Tony Jimenez

Lead Instructional Designer

Tony Jimenez oversees the creation of digital learning solutions as lead instructional designer and supervises the web apps, ID, QA, and customer support teams. Tony enjoys playing guitar, traveling, and tinkering with new technology.

Marla Wirrick

Instructional Designer

Marla Wirrick creates digital learning courses and motion graphics with an eye to engagement and accessibility. When not working on innovative ways to engage learners, Marla will likely be found designing and making chainmaille jewelry.

Kathleen Weisensel

Front End Developer

Kathleen Weisensel creates engaging and accessible websites and mobile applications. She enjoys biking around Eugene, supporting local breweries, traveling to Oregon’s beautiful coast, and she would very much like to see a picture of your dog.

Evangeline LaRoque

Video Content Creator & Media Project Manager

Evangeline LaRoque writes, directs, edits, & animates video content, and manages the media aspect of projects at Trifoia. Vangie has a BA in film and over 10 years of experience in the industry. She also specializes in stop motion and hand crafted animation for creative projects and has won several awards for her work. 

Jordan Pennefather, PhD


Jordan Pennefather is a research scientist and methodologist who oversees the design, implementation, and analysis of Trifoia’s research studies.  Jordan enjoys exploring new cuisines but is always willing to fall back on his favorite dish, pho.

Widya Mak

Project Manager

Widya is a project manager with the research team. When she is not busy managing research studies and home life, she dreams of traveling around the globe while helping the world to be a better place. Favorite quote: If there’s a will, there’s a way!

Juan Alvarez

Brand Manager

As Trifoia’s brand manager and graphic designer, Juan Alvarez provides brand direction and design support for internal and external clients. He enjoys landscape photography, foraging for mushrooms, and growing hot peppers which he turns into delicious hot sauces.

Laura Strobel

Media Producer and Video Editor

Laura is a video producer, editor and content creator. Laura enjoys canoe camping, collecting vinyl, and learning about history and subcultures.

Joshua Evans

Lead Software Developer

Joshua Evans is responsible for engineering and maintaining the systems that helps Trifoia compete in the digital age. They are still figuring out what this “being human” thing is all about, but then again, aren’t we all?

Charlie Branson

Accounting Manager

Charlie Branson is responsible for the accurate and timely collection, recording, reporting, and interpreting of Trifoia’s fiscal information. Charlie also oversees human resources at Trifoia, ensuring personnel are properly supported. In his off hours, Charlie enjoys reading, writing, spending time with family, and staring at treelines for birds and the occasional cryptid.

Keasey Freed

Media Assistant and Asset Developer

Keasey Freed organizes and schedules the many different facets of Trifoia’s video production, including actors and locations. Keasey is an independent filmmaker and avid video game enthusiast.

Elise Crum

Product Manager

Elise Crum is the product manager at Trifoia. Elise is an avid tennis player and enjoys the Oregon outdoors with friends and family.

Ivy Gibson

Quality Assurance Technician and Asset Developer

Ivy Gibson is an asset developer and quality assurance technician at Trifoia. Ivy is a recent NAU graduate earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She spends her free time going on adventures with her children, and traveling when possible.

Dan Keith, PhD

Back End Engineer

Dan Keith is Trifoia’s Back End engineer, helping us develop the software infrastructure of our projects. He has a background in computer science and decades of full-stack software engineering and application development experience. He also happens to have the coolest email address in our company.

Tina Johnson

IT and Facilities Manager

Tina Johnson is Trifoia’s IT and facilities manager who also leads the DevOps group. When she’s not at work poking, prodding, fixing, and upgrading, Tina enjoys the quietness of the forest and the chaos of family.

Martin WolfMartin Wolf

Customer Support Manager

As Trifoia’s Customer Support Manager, Martin helps keep our learners happy. Martin has years of experience in the Eugene tech industry doing everything from Product Support to Project Management.  When relaxing, he likes reading at the park, solving puzzles, and building LEGO Technic sets.

Georgia HarterGeorgia Harter

Marketing Assistant

As Trifoia’s Marketing Assistant, Georgia Harter helps us implement innovative marketing strategies. Outside the office, Georgia is a devoted filmmaker and photographer.

Ambra PerryAmbra Perry

Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

Ambra Perry is receptionist and administrative assistant at Trifoia. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her husband discussing scientific discoveries, camping, gardening, and enjoying nature. Ambra also loves to spend time with her children and animals of all kinds, especially horses.

Lando Calrissian

Trusty Sidekick

Enjoys snacks and walks with papa.