We craft exceptional eLearning experiences
Trifoia /Tri Foi Ya/ n. A developer of media-rich digital learning solutions, websites and mobile apps for research, training, and professional development.

A user-focused learning experience

Trifoia’s learning solutions are human-centered, grounded in science, and brought to life by compelling design. We tailor solutions to your specific needs.

What sets us apart

Our cross-disciplinary team consists of research scientists, instructional designers, content creators, multimedia producers and software developers, all working together to create your custom digital solution:
  • Research helps you understand your audience and refine your messaging.
  • Instructional Design shapes the user experience that engages your learners.
  • Media Production provides the sounds and visuals that deliver your content.
  • Product Development packages your curriculum into a branded, commercializable product ready for sales or dissemination.

Accessible learning experts ready to serve you

Accessibility is at the forefront of every Trifoia digital learning product. You bring project goals and objectives. We bring experts in user experience and digital compliance, to ensure your learning solution meets all accreditation and certification standards. Inspired by your needs, we create learning solutions that work.

Our Clients