Our philosophy

At the core of every thriving society is one irrefutable truth: people have to learn.

Whether you’re working as a welder, or working with at-risk youth, the common thread is a need to address problems through knowledge. Trifoia’s mission is to inject confidence into the knowledge-building process. We inspire learners to use new tools, both to benefit themselves and to make a difference in their communities.

With all the noise around us, the issues that businesses and organizations face are so complex that it can be easy to lose track of the core problems they’re trying to address. All of Trifoia’s work starts with a focus on the problem. Then, we tap our knowledge, skills, and technological capabilities to create engaging training solutions. We provide value through the confidence we build in learners, by teaching, inquiring and sharing.

We’re called Trifoia because our work lies at the intersection of three foundational principles:

Education. Training. Inspiration.

Education is about knowledge, training is about skill development, and inspiration is about enabling growth through confidence. That’s the Trifoia way.

Trifoia’s commitment to inclusive learning

Accessible learning has been at the heart of Trifoia’s work for nearly a quarter-century. We know we can’t accomplish that mission without taking every learners’ unique experiences into account. Diversity and equity are core values at Trifoia: We embrace each other’s differences, while striving to include all perspectives, both in our products and within our organization.


Trifoia’s online trainings are nationally recognized for their emphasis on learning outcomes, rich use of media, and contributions to research in human development. From the U.S. Small Business Administration to the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, here’s a sampling of awards we’ve earned for our work.

Anthen Awards 2022 Winner Badge

Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts

Anthem Award for best Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion service

2022: BlackFULLness
The EdTech Awards Cool Tool Finalist 2022 badge

Edtech awards

Cool Tools Finalist for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology

2022: Seasons of Care
2022: Non-Lead Hunting Education
W3 2021 Gold Winner Award seal


w3 Award for best educational/training video (2021)

2021: BlackFULLness
Telly Awards

Telly awards

Excellence in video

2020: Positive Behavior Support at Home
2015: Race, Culture and Identity: Education Center for Adoptive Parents Series
2014: Padres Preparados (Prepared Parents)
2011: We Have Skills
2009: Adoptive Parent Training
2008: Skills in Youth Suicide Prevention
2007: Walk Your Way to Fitness
2004: Working with Parents who have Cognitive Limitations
2004: Play by the Rules
2003: Ease into Fitness
2001: Supporting Self-Determination
2000: Defusing Anger & Aggression
America's Seed Fund logo


Tibbets Award for outstanding contribution to Small Business Innovation Research

2014: Padres Preparados (Prepared Parents)
Communicator Awards


2000: Defusing Anger & Aggression

2014: Padres Preparados (Prepared Parents)

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