Trifoia R&D

Research-driven product development and learning insights.

We use research to design and evaluate technology solutions that drive behavioral change.

We collaborate with behavioral scientists to develop media-rich programs and mobile apps that encourage participant engagement and achieve research objectives.

Our research and design team includes design researchers, methodologists, project managers, and grants management specialists.

Do you have a stellar research idea but need a partner to
get it funded, designed, and built?

With over $50 million in funding and more than 20 grants from NIH, IES, and DOJ, Trifoia has the experience and expertise to help you design, develop, and deploy your program to the world.

Trifoia’s research department is:


Informed by design thinking processes
Focused on the needs and perspectives of the user
Iterative, flexible, and scalable


Evidence-based solutions
Built on previous research
Oriented toward achieving project goals

Grounded in behavioral science

Mixed methods, combining qualitative insights to understand quantitative results
Rigorous evaluation
Fully-powered randomized-control trials

Trifoia provides a comprehensive suite of research capabilities:

Trifoia’s research certifications, policies, and training include:

Institutional Review Board (IRB) of record
Federalwide Assurance (FWA) for the Protection of Human Subjects
Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement
Conflict of Interest (COI) policy
Data Privacy and Protection policy
Verified human subjects training for all staff

Research services

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Mis Hijos y Yo course

Mis Hijos y Yo

Trifoia conducted extensive curriculum development and intervention research for a mobile tablet program for Latinx families experiencing separation and divorce.

Blackfulness app


Trifoia produced animated mindfulness and stress management videos for a mobile app tailored to Black users.