Laptop on green background. Browser shows the Pyramid Model Consortium Spanish course intro page.

Pyramid Model Consortium Spanish-Language Courses


Spanish-speaking families and instructors disproportionately face barriers in accessing evidence-based programs that support social-emotional development in early childhood classrooms.


Convert The Pyramid Model Consortium’s 18-hour, three-module online course for the early childhood workforce into a fully accessible Spanish-language product.

Screenshot of browser window with course. Text reads: All course assets were translated including the user interface, videos, PDFs of instructional materials and knowledge checks.


Trifoia’s digital technology services team began by creating a prototype SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) package, utilizing custom course authorizing software.

The Pyramid Model Consortium created Spanish translated assets of all of the course content, including a replication of the User Interface, videos, PDFs of instructional material, knowledge checks administered through the online course, and certificates for completion of the program.

Trifoia then took the translated assets and created a Spanish-language version of The Pyramid Model Consortium’s Birth-to-5 course. Trifoia also created a Spanish-language branch on its Talent LMS, from which all content – from login to payment – can be localized.

The translated SCORM package enables The Pyramid Model Consortium to implement its custom token, dashboard, and reporting systems through the Spanish LMS, as well as select customer-facing pages rendered in Spanish, such as the token redemption page and the token-based emails.

The result is that Spanish-speaking instructors now have the opportunity to implement The Pyramid Model Consortium’s evidence-based practices, while Spanish-speaking families can now enjoy the benefits of improved social-emotional outcomes for young children with, or at risk for, delays or disabilities.