Instructional Design

The art and science of eLearning.

Trifoia is rooted in behavioral research, a methodology that informs and inspires our approach to eLearning. From backend developer to media producer, the Trifoia staff are adept at crafting learning solutions based on impactful design strategies and proven scientific methodologies.

Our instructional designers work closely with you to identify learning objectives, define levels of interactivity and accessibility, devise knowledge checks, establish metrics to measure training effectiveness, and choreograph the myriad number of elements that contribute to your successful eLearning program.

Full-time, full-service instructional design for a better eLearning experience.

Instructional design (ID) is the centerpiece—not an afterthought—to Trifoia’s eLearning expertise. Our eLearning team is schooled and skilled in contemporary educational theory but not stuck in any particular approach. We leverage our knowledge and experience to solve your particular training challenges. 

Accessible instructional design takes in account audio descriptions, colors and text prompts.

We help trainers and educators:

  • Develop online courses for corporate and professional development
  • Track and record usage and progress
  • Translate in-person instruction into effective online training

Trifoia capabilities:

  • LMS configuration, hosting, and support
  • Custom LMS development
  • UX/UI design and refinement
  • Audience/Gap analysis
  • Mobile-first development
  • Microlearning and boosters
  • 3D Animation & AR/VR through our partnership with Glimmer Tech

eLearning authoring tools:

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Articulate
  • Adapt Learning
Participants in professional learning communities can upload videos of themselves practicing a routine, then give and receive feedback with their peers.

Applied methodology fosters insight and engagement for your training. What does your audience need to learn…and how best to teach them? To answer those questions—and create successful training solutions to fit your unique needs—our IDs leverage an arsenal of tools and methodologies:

  • Design Thinking is the ultimate human-centered approach to problem solving. With a focus on empathy, design thinking helps us understand the emotions, motivations, and needs of the learner. Design thinking promotes creative, outside-the-box solutions that connect deeply and effectively with users.
  • ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) offers a framework for understanding your audience, designing an engaging curriculum, and measuring its effectiveness.
  • Bloom’s taxonomy classifies human thinking into tiers of increasing complexity—from simple rote memory to critical analysis and evaluation—and helps our IDs write learning objectives and tailor instructional content to the needs of the audience.
  • Backward design focuses on goals not specific methods of instruction. What should learners understand and do after they complete the course? By working backwards from the end goal, designers shape training content to achieve desired outcomes.

Rapid yet thoughtful development.

Remember the days of sketchpads and notecards? Neither do our instructional designers. Our teams bring modern authoring tools to bear on your project. With rapid prototyping, we supercharge the creative process to quickly explore design options and zero in on what works best for your training needs. We wireframe, whiteboard, and prototype. We brainstorm and iterate. We document and verify. We involve you and your stakeholders early and often.