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Are you a K-5 teacher or school interventionist seeking ways to help students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) close the reading gap? If so, Literacy Study Group is for you!

Learn evidence-based literacy teaching routines and proven behavior strategies with a group of your peers through this FREE 10-week program. You will receive a $500 stipend for participating.

Literacy Study Group features:

  • An interactive, online platform
  • Enhanced Core Reading Instruction
  • Effective behavioral strategies
  • Teacher study groups

How does the study work?

If eligible, you will participate in a 10-week online study group with up to 4 other elementary school teachers starting in January 2019. The study requires you complete two online surveys and 2-3 hours of reading assessment training. You also will administer two reading skills tests to two students with or at risk of having EBD twice during the course of the study.

Participants are randomly assigned to either the Literacy Study Group or a delayed training group. All participants will have access to the program by the end of the study.

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How do I participate?

Click the button below or cut and paste this link ( into your browser to see if you’re eligible for the study. Enrollment ends December 31, 2018.

LSG Contact Information

Widya Mak | LSG Project Manager

(541) 284-2413