Mindboba Logo with Images of Asian Americans using computers and tablets

Problem-Solving Intervention App for Asian Americans

MindBoba is the working name for a NIMH funded project called Personal Relevance of Psychotherapy for Asian Americans: A mHealth problem-solving intervention to reduce stress (PRoP-AA). MindBoba aims to destigmatize mental health among the Asian American* population.  

Recent data have shown Asian Americans persistently present with low rates of mental health help-seeking. With the impact of COVID-19, coupled with ongoing stressors from work, school, and family, stress-levels have understandably skyrocketed.  

Mindboba is being developed by and for Asian Americans. The goal of Mindboba is to provide resources and help Asian American users recognize cultural barriers and assumptions, learn and practice problem-solving skills, and make strategic decisions to reduce stress. 

We are currently looking for people who would like to participate in an upcoming study that would include user testing and completing questionnaires about stress reduction practices within Asian American communities. If you are interested in participating, please take this brief survey to see if you qualify.

or email us: mindboba@trifoia.com

* To better tailor our approach to meet the needs of the largest Asian American ethnic group in the United States, we are currently focusing on Chinese Americans for this development phase. This research is funded by the National Institutes of Health, grant #4R44MH125698-02 awarded to Iris Media, Inc. dba Trifoia.