New Online Learning Partnership Supports Families in Conflict

Parental conflict. Simple words with complicated repercussions.  

On average, one out of five divorces are considered to be high-conflict, meaning the dissolution of the partnership is contentious to the point where it may have lasting detrimental effects on a family. To assist in the healthy adjustment to a new family status, most courts require parents filing for divorce to complete an in-person or online co-parenting course.

Children are resilient. They can adjust—and with support, even thrive—after their parents no longer live in the same household. However, ongoing high levels of conflict between parents can cause negative changes in both mental and physical health, challenges at school, and lasting damage to familial relationships. (Cummings EM, Davies PT. Marital Conflict and Children: An Emotional Security Perspective. New York: Guilford Press; 2010:17-18.)

Two Families Now: Effective Parenting During Separation and Divorce (TFN)—an online training developed by Trifoia for parents throughout the U.S. and internationally—is now offered in partnership with the High Conflict Institute.

TFN is an evidence-based co-parenting course designed specifically for online learning. TFN can help lower parental conflict, reduce stress, and keep parents focused on the needs of their children. The practical application of co-parenting skills and the interactivity of the course keeps parents engaged and helps them retain new skills. 

The High Conflict Institute is an award-winning training and consulting firm helping professionals understand and manage high conflict personalities and disputes. Their team of experts travel around the world using their highly regarded methods to train mediators, attorneys, physicians, business owners, law enforcement, managers, and therapists in how to successfully manage those with high conflict personalities and navigate high conflict situations.

The recent partnership—and co-branding of TFN with the High Conflict Institute—creates a unique opportunity for both companies. The High Conflict Institute is offering TFN along with their other online Parenting, Co-Parenting, and Divorce Courses. The TFN course is an additional high quality learning device for separating or divorcing parents. The important work that HCI is doing all over the world is an opportunity for Two Families Now to be accessed by a greatly expanded audience. 

A divorce—high conflict or not—involves complicated adjustments in familial relationships. The process is stressful for everyone. Even in the most congenial of separations there are changes in the household which often include living arrangements, finances, schools, as well as friends. In a high-conflict separation, stress levels are much higher and children are more likely to be adversely affected by a divorce or separation. 

Two Families Now: Effective Parenting During Separation and Divorce is recognized by the High Conflict Institute as a useful tool to assist in successful co-parenting. Trifoia is proud to partner with HCI to help promote children’s healthy adjustment post divorce.


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