Recipe for Success: the Brand Guide

There are very few things in this day and age that are made by only one person. Some music, fine art, poetry, and that’s about it. Everything else is the result of many individuals working together to make a product. To ensure fidelity different disciplines have particular solutions. Architects have blueprints, chefs have recipes, conductors have a score, and so on.

We have a brand guide.

When a client engages us to work on one of their projects there are many Trifoia team members involved in producing the required materials. Instructional designers assemble the course. Developers create online portals, sites, and apps. The production department films videos and creates animations to support the content and engage learners. Graphic designers, project managers—and the client, of course—all contribute expertise and creativity to the project at different times. 

MakeSpace Brand Guide example

How then do we ensure all of them produce materials that look consistent throughout the process? You guessed right, a brand guide.

An effective brand guide is like a recipe book for the look of the course. Also known as a brand manual or brand book, a brand guide includes instructions on all the most used visual elements of a project including fonts, colors, and UI/UX elements. The goal is that anyone on the team, as well as our clients, can collaborate to produce visually consistent materials.

UI/UX brand guide Example

A brand guide also has the added benefit of reducing a pressure point for our teams. By spending less time worrying about how something should look, our team can spend more time creating excellent educational materials that motivate learners and achieve project goals.

That’s why at Trifoia we always start with a brand guide.


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